Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrating Dogs!

Hello World! I'm starting this blog as a way to journal my dogs' activities, including day-to day things like hiking, camping, chewing bones and running up vet bills and also to journal our training progress in rally, obedience, tracking, field work and who knows what else! Today I took Josie, Cheddar and Benny to the ski trails at Boulder Lake, and we hiked for about 4 miles...well I hiked that far, but the dogs went at least triple that what with all of their explorations off of the trail and into the woods! We all had a ball! Benny (17 week-old Brittany pup) even pointed a few birds. He had his fourth weekly field lesson yesterday, and I can see that the pointer within him has been awakened! Tonight I worked Cheddar in obedience in the driveway and road (too funny..the cats came down to the road and watched her get trained!) and most things went well. Her confusion on the stand stay and finish to the right vs finish to the left are just my NOT training enough. I think having a goal of saying showing in novice rally this fall will make me more serious about training her. She is also very sensitive(unlike my Malamutes of many years ago) and I can't even THINK frustration or she gets bummed. We did have a good training session tonight and I'm contemplating getting my show ring feet wet soon!

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